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We guarantee that our products meet the statutory quality standards. If necessary, we will provide you with a quality certification.

Quality problems return within 30 days
Within 30 days from the date of your purchase, we will take care of all quality related issues and offer a replacement or a full refund, but you need to prepare the return packaging and contact our customer service before returning the item.

Lifetime technical support
We will update download drivers from time to time. If you encounter any technical problems, we promise to provide technical support within 24 hours.

How to request a refund?
To receive a refund for a physical product purchased online, you will need to contact Customer Service to request a refund.

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Please tell me, if and how I can connect your bluetooth micro with Go beatbuds pro.
I want to give the micro to one person who speaks and the buds to a person whose ears are’nt good.

With kind regards

Heino Belz Berlin

Heino Belz

After a short time the Zealsound WG 3B quit charging devices. Checked power adapter and output is meets specifications. Was going to buy a second one. But waiting to see how well this issue is addressed. Having difficulty finding support.

Don S

I purchased the lapel mic and downloaded the smartmike+ software for my iphone. Everything works great, but after recording for 30 minutes it disconnects. Battery fully charged and can do another 30 minutes without recharging, but it still disconnects after 30 minutes. This has happened several times. Reading other comments, I verified that I can update the bios from 4.33 to 4.37. When I use smartmike+ to update, it acts like it goes thru all the steps, it downloads and tells me it will reboot. Lite flickers for around 2 minutes then the mic turns off. When I turn it back on, it is still at 4.33 bios. Have tried to load bios 5-6 times with same results.

Calvin Modawell

I recently brought a k66 off amazon and the blue light keeps flashing and I hear nothing….why is this. ?
Thank you


Is there a windproof mic adapter for the Zealsound Wireless lavalier microphone? There are two slots next to the round mic that look like they are for attaching such a device. But I don’t see anywhere to buy such a thing.

William Carpenter

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