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  ZealSound is an audio company founded in 2009, headquartered in China, with warehouses in the US, UK and Japan, and shipping globally.   

         ZealSound is not just a brand that sells microphones. We are committed to using advanced technology to produce the best, user-friendly audio equipment. We are committed to doing the best in marketing and sales. Because our goal is to be the best in both product and service. Because of this, we quickly grew into a globally oriented company within a decade.

         Our vision is that we work day and night to keep up with the advancement of industry and technology to provide you with quality products and exceptional service.

        Our products now include recording microphone, wireless Lavalier microphone, karaoke microphone, sound card, wireless charger and so on. 

       We believe that quality and customer satisfaction should come first. This is our enduring commitment to improving our products and being a leader in quality standards. Whether you are a streamer, broadcaster, voiceover artist, musician, teacher, lecturer, DJ or videographer, you can rely on zealsound equipment.

      We sincerely appreciate your support.
      Let us wish zealsound better products, better service and better future!

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My name is Aleksandr. I represent the Proaim.ru company. 
We sell photo/video/audio/gaming equipment in Russia and have several online shops and showroom in Moscow. Our products are presented on the largest marketplaces in Russia: OZON, Wildberries, Yandex.Market, SberMegaMarket.

Our main store – Proaim.ru 

We are looking for suppliers and interested in your products, that’s why we would like to be your representatives in Russia.

Can you send us your price list and conditions of cooperation? 

Do you have WeChat for faster communication?
My WeChat: proaim_ru

Pls answer in Wechat or on e-mail.


I am emailing you to register my Microphone. My Amazon.ca Order# is 701-9987378-4308255. Thanks

Jeff Bader


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Steve Dennis

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Hello, I am Trying to register my k08-2 Portable Microphone. Thank You.

Peggy Gray

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