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Cat exercise Wheel Cat wheel Cat Running Wheel Cat Toys Indoor Spinning Treadmill cat treadmill

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Cat Exercise Wheel

Material Wood
Size 920*390*1000mm
Target Species Cat
  • Running is the best way to exercise ,Exercises both body and mind, helps keep cats physically active and reduces boredom.
  • Most cats have eaten food, they need an effective exercise
  • It is very strong and made of wood, large and sturdy rotating wheel provides ample space for running.
  • There is a silent pulley design in bottom shaft, we have an effective silent design for it.
  • Believe that your cat will like it, it can help the cat exercise better while playing, and protect its health.
  • AROUND AND AROUND WE GO: When it comes to our kitties, we learn to either live with their random zoomies, or purely laugh as they skid around the floor while losing traction at high speeds! With the Spin Kitty Exerciser Wheel, your pet is free to run as fast as they want and for how long as they want!
    DOUBLES AS A CAT SCRATCHER: In addition to being an exerciser wheel, the Spin Kitty also serves as a cat scratcher. The wheel is lined with sisal carpet on both the inside and outside. This lining not only provides a secure grip for running, but it’s also suitable for scratching as well!
    DURABLE & EASY TO CLEAN: The Spin Kitty Exerciser Wheel can safely hold cats up to 20 lbs. Due to its wood and sisal carpet construction, the wheel is super easy to clean! Simply spot clean the wood with a wet rag or sponge, and vacuum the sisal carpet when necessary.

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Michelle Simms
Rough Rolling Track

This cat treadmill is of a good size. It's easily assembled. And rolls really quite well.
My only issue is the area on the outside of the wheel where the track meets the rollers is not smooth in anyway. Each slat bumps in turn. If this had been addressed prior, I would have rated 5 stars.

Tara Rolleri
It is strong, sturdy and doesn't take up too much space

I love it I just wish the cats did too

Anthony H Presutti
Cats love it!

My cats love this. its the perfect size for her.

It's bigger than you think!

I was EXTREMELY nervous about this purchase. I've heard stories about cats NOT liking the wheels. I made sure this was a returnable item because of all the negative comments. I'm glad I was cautious! BUT, she's using it slowly and surely.
It was easy to assemble. Made of wood, not plastic! It's a lot bigger than I thought, but it will be worth it!

It was a neat cat wheel to purchase.

It gives your cat something to play on my cat is content so far with it. The wheel was easy to assemble and sturdy built