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【S619】ZealSound Bluetooth Lapel Wireless Microphone

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Work with Professional smartMike+ app11


  • Only works with SmartMike+ APP and ZOOM APP
  • SmartMike+ APP has no PC version, so it can't work with PC if you use the SmartMike+ APP
  • ZOOM APP can work freely on your PC, phone and tablets
  • Pay Attention: It can't work other APPS, such as Facebook live, ins live. But you can create video with the SmartMike+ APP and upload it to other website.

Meet All Your Needs2 2

How Does SMike+ App Help You to create a professional video?

  • Multilevel noise reduction by softsware.
  • Auto transcription (Beta).
  • Real-Time Subtitle Auto-Sync Technology, makes the video post-editing easier.
  • Parameter, aspect ratio and filters adjustment, professional setup for your video and audio.
  • Supports multi-channel real-time mixing.
  • Support one-touch simultaneous output, add BGM.
  • Support File to share or upload to other platform.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Muy buen micrfono

Pensaba que no me sera til y me sorprendi su buena calidad, ahora lo uso para hacer mis podcast

Bluetooth instead of wireless rigs

The ease of use with the iphone. Quality of sound makes the difference between a professional recording and a homemade style recording. Perfect use for Iphone recordings.

Great Option

The voice quality on this is solid and the range is quite good. I have not tested this in a very noisy location, so I don't know how it holds up out in a crowded area, but in a more normalized application like for a podcast, this works really well. The person in the family who is using this has said that set up is very easy, the instructions are easy to learn, and the unit records a high quality voice recording that doesn't contain a lot of artifacts or odd sounds. She is pleased, so I am pleased, and the unit is surprisingly small for packing such a punch, so it is highly portable as well. Overall, this gets five stars for voice quality, ease of use, and staying put when she sets it up. Good luck in your search.

New England Yankee
Good Pickup, Easy Pairing

?(Video demos sound in 4 environments)
Right up front: I like the microphone. I've been using it regularly for a couple of months now. It has several qualities that make it my go to mic for a number of purposes. First, it is exceptionally easy to pair. Bluetooth finds it quickly on every Bluetooth device I own, pairs effortlessly and connects, disconnects, and reconnects instantly.
The capsule lacks any proximity effect and the mic doesn't pick up much in the lower end. That results in a trebly, thinner sound that in some environments can become somewhat harsh. It sounds best, though still not warm, in acoustically damped environments. I.e., soft, absorbent surfaces.
So, even though I'm not using it at its best, it's ease-of-use still makes it a handy little microphone. I would not (ever) use this microphone for any kind of music, nor would I use it for more "serious" uses even with the speaking voice. But for short review videos, online meetings and similar, it's just fine. It also holds a charge for a long time.
The build is sturdy and it comes with a really good quality zip case to keep it in. I tried using the included windscreen, one of those stretchy rat-like types. After 10 minutes of frustration trying to get the darn thing on, I tossed it. The microphone doesn't pick up much noise anyway, plus I haven't had occasion to use it in the wind, so no loss there.
Nice little mic. 4 stars.

Nicely featured mike. I can see some improvements, but yet, an awesome device

Nicely featured mike. I can see some improvements, but yet, an awesome device.
1. Its quality recordings with almost no interference by bulky apparatus.
2. Almost musical quality recordings
3. Great bang-for-your buck item.